Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 - Peculiar


Vineyard located in Tôr – Loulé, which has a terroir conducive to a balanced maturation.
Deep ruby color. Intense aromatic profile composed by scents of ripe red fruits and fruit jams.
Wine with much character and volume and a velvety texture.



Name: Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: 6.8€
Type of wine: Red
Grape variety: 100% Carbernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2022
Bottle: 750 ml
Alcohol percentage: 16%

Harvest: Traditional, manual
Winemaking: Stainless steel vat, with temperature control.
Stage: Stainless steel vat
Winemaker: Pedro Mendes

Appearance: Deep ruby
Tasting notes: Ripe red fruits, fruity jams, spices. Character, volume with a velvety texture
Serving Temperature: 16ºC
Serving with: Roasted chorizo, strong cheese (goat, Roquefort, brie). Beef and raclette

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