Moscatel Graúdo - Tropical


An ancient and widely cultured variety in the Mediterranean basin, also know as Muscat of Alexandria. Cultivated since the ancient Egypt. It migrated to Europe with the Romans. Better adapted to areas of maritime influence. A huge reference in the history of our region.



Name: Moscatel Graúdo
Price: 7€
Wine type: White
Grape variety: 100% Moscatel Graúdo
Vintage: 2021
Bottle: 750 ml
Alcohol Percentage: 13,5%

Harvest: Tradicional, manual
Winemaking: Stainless Steel with temperature control
Stage: Stainless Steel
Winemaker: Pedro Mendes

Appearance: Straw yellow with golden notes
Tasting notes: Aroma reveals a profile with tropical mature fruits, notes of lichia, mango and pineapple, with plenty floral notes. In the month, dense, fresh and very aromatic
Serving temperature: <12ºC
Serve with: Fat fish like Salmon, grouper and sardines. Pasta and heavy seasoned dishes (Oriental dishes).

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